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一首英文歌曲,男的唱的,高潮部分是 喔喔,喔喔喔...

是《James blunt 》的 stay the night! 《stay the night》 歌手:James Blunt 歌词: Wooooah, Wooooah, Wooooahh, hey!,It's 72 degrees outside, zero chance of rain It's been a perfect day,We're all spinning on our heels, so far a...

here with you

My Songs knows what you did in the dark–––Fall out boy 应该是这首,希望能帮到你

Wake Me Up When September Ends(Album Version) - Green Day Summer has come and passed 夏天来了又去 The innocent can never last 但那纯真从来没有消失过 Wake me up when September ends 当九月去过的时候叫醒我 Like my father's come to...


Ghost Town - Adam Lambert Died last night in my dreams Walking the streets of some old ghost town I tried to believe In god and James dean But Hollywood sold out Saw all of the saints Lock up the gates I could not enter Walked ...

童鞋~这难度也太高了吧...这首有喔喔喔,瞎猜的~~ Rain Over Me——Pitbull

哇 真的很好听啊 喔喔 喔喔 喔 喔喔 喔喔 喔喔~~ 喔的真好听 真棒😂😂

英格玛 return to innocence 目测不会错2333333333只有这支歌会这样了和哈哈哈

him-Gone With The Sin 绝对是这个 我也找了很久 歌词里面有 OH OH OH my baby 的

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