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跪求一段话的英语翻译 不要百度翻译那种直译

No matter who you meet, he is the person that is supposed to be presented in your life. There could always be found a reason or a destination, and it doesn't happens by accident. For sure he's going to teaching you something. P...

那位朋友提供的love is blind就很经典。 我编两句新鲜的供参考。 比如:When a clever man falls in love......(这是省略号) 又如:You can be in love, you can be wise, but you can't be both.

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终究,我孑然一身。 终究,我习惯了一个人。 终究,我还是个局外人。

That's what I am afraid of as well.这就是我害怕的 That's what I conern too. 这就是我所担心的 如果表示“也”的话既可以用as well 也可以用too。也可以用also That's also what I am afraid of.

There are all kinds of fish in the sea 这句话是中国的一句俗语,尽量不要逐字的直译,而是意译比较好~这句英文谚语表达的是同一个意思


you have no need to say something to me 你无需对我说 i also can't think out what to say 我也不知该说什么 i have so much sorry 很抱歉 and i know you also want to say sorry like this 我知道你也想说抱歉 then there's no need sorry ...


你好,很高兴为你解答 翻译为 RMB exchange rate fluctuation on China's import and export trade had a direct influence. Description from the previous changes in the euro zone's direct investment in China can, the appreciation of t...

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